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What we need?
« on: January 05, 2020, 03:43:56 AM »
We need your : First and Last Name.
We need your : Age. Must be at least 18.
We need your : Experience as Helper/Trial Game Master/Game Master. You don't have? No problem. Let us teach you.
We need your : Opinion about our server and why you want to join us.
We need your : Contact information, for ex: Skype, Phone Number , Facebook , Discord.
                                       Why? We want to know who are we talking to.

Requirements : Level 105 on your character.

Every entrant must keep their information private. Do not post it as reply or on other topics.
Please apply by email at:

Note: As far as you were accepted , you'll start as Trial Game Master for 1 month, depending on your skill.

We're very strict.
We provide everyone a chance.
We wish you the very best luck.

Sincerely, Cristian
Team Of Altair
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